The beach located in front of the campsite received the 5 Vele Legambiente prize for being one of the best and cleanest beaches of Italy. It is composed of more beaches placed next to each other and with a relatively shallow sea bottom: Sos Iscarios, Sutta Riu, Su Tiriarzu. With its 5-km length and its white sand, it is a paradise for every beach lover, from kids to adults.

Camping Ermosa is located right in front of the central part of the mentioned beach. On its left, you can find the pinewood of Orvile, whereas, on the right part, there is La Torre di San Giovanni (St. John’s Tower). The view from the campsite is stunning: in front of us, the crystal-clear water of the Sardinian sea and, behind us, the town of Posada and the hills of the hinterland.


Other beaches in the surroundings:

BerchidaBerchida beach: it is still relatively wild and pure with its white sand and its crystal-clear water. Thanks to its position it is also ideal for windsurf lovers and people seeking for tranquility. 





cala brandinchiCala Brandinchi: It is magnificently set on a stunning, pure, white beach bathed by turquoise water. A pinewood at its back gives refreshment to tourists and helps to keep the beach secluded. Here, the sea is often compared to the Polynesian one, because of its amazing colors and the shallow sea bottom.





bidderosaBidderosa Oasis: It is composed of five white, sandy beaches divided by pink rocks, Juniper trees, and wild lilies. Inside the oasis, which is crossed by a country lane, you can also admire the Sa Curcurica pond. In order to preserve this small paradise, only a limited number of tourists is admitted per day.





GOLFO DI OROSEI: Several tour operators organize daily boat tours departing from the harbor of La Caletta (less than 10 min from the campsite). In this way, you can visit some of the best beaches of the Orosei Gulf:

Cala Goloritzè: It is characterized by a marble-like, white, sandy beach, made of little tiny pebbles. The water is incredibly clean and transparent.

Cala Mariolu: Dive into its dream-like sea or simply relax on its beach. Here the sand consists of small, round, pink and white pebbles. The cliff surrounding the beach reaches a height of 500 meters, making Cala Mariolu accessible only by boat or by a difficult mountain trail.

Cala Luna: Known for its unspoiled beauty, this beach is quite famous since it was chosen as the setting for some scenes in the movie “Swept Away” (1974). The northern part of the beach is characterized by the presence of white, calcareous cliffs, whereas the southern part presents a little pond, which can be crossed thanks to a small wooden bridge and from where it is possible to reach a shady area rich in trees.