In case you hadn’t been before on our coast you have to believe to see how amazing this place is. Not far from the campsite it’s probably the most fascinating area of the Island. The Orosei Gulf is characterized by beautiful landscapes, unreachable peaks, breathtaking cliffs that fall into the sea, amazing natural caves (like Bue Marino and Fico) and arch which can be seen from land and also explored by small boats and stunning beaches like Fuili, Luna, Sisine, Biriola, Mariolu e Goloritzè.

The area is ideal for trekking and excursion not during the cooling season preferably. The best places to visit, surely, are: Su Gologone, the Su Gorropu canyon, the huge natural silkhole su Suercone and the nuraghic Village Tiscali.

For every of these excursions we suggest you to go for a visit with the guides of VIS: (

The harbor of La Caletta (less than 10 min from the campsite). On board of the Empress motorboat you will be guide to the discovery of all nature beauties of the Orosei Gulf. - the harbor of Cala Gonone (about 1h by car from the campsite) where you will have many possibilities to discover the gulf. For example, rent a small boat by your own and have a day trip.

Cala Goloritzè: It is characterized by a marble-like, white, sandy beach, made of little tiny pebbles. The water is incredibly clean and transparent.

Cala Mariolu: Dive into its dream-like sea or simply relax on its beach. Here the sand consists of small, round, pink and white pebbles. The cliff surrounding the beach reaches a height of 500 meters, making Cala Mariolu accessible only by boat or by a difficult mountain trail.