Tepilora Park

The “Tepilora Regional Natural Park” is the best destination for those who loves to enjoy their holidays surrounded by nature. With almost 8000 hectares of unpolluted forests, trekking paths, freshwater springs and watercourse includes four villages: Torpè, Posada, Lodè and Bitti. The park expands all the way from the forest of Tepilora up to the Posada river mouth, his heart is the rocky Tepilora Mountain (m.528) that faces onto the Posada Lake.

Trekking and mountain bike tours are sensational, specially not during the cooling season, marvelous landscapes, freshwater springs and typical flora and fauna like holm oaks, strawberry trees and cork are the best habitat for characteristic mediterranea scrubs animals like Sardinian hares, wild boars, foxs and deers.
Cultural and educational sights are never be missing, tied to its rich archeological, historic, traditional heritage. It can’t be missed a visit to the Bitti’s local Museum in which you will find the history of the local farmers and them works, and a visit at one of the Baronia’s most important prehistoric monument Nuraghe San Pietro. https://bit.ly/nuraghesanpietro